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Lots for sale In North - Kfar Tavor  Kfar Tavor , 3 Pictures
Lots for sale,
In North - Kfar Tavor,
Kfar Tavor Street
550,000 ₪
Privately owned lot for sale in Kfar Tavor, a highly sought after village in the Lower Galil. The lot is part and parcel of a larger site which is located in close proximity to built houses,...
Cottage for sale In Efrat - Lev Efrat  Hagoel , 6 Pictures
Cottage for sale, 6 Rooms,
In Efrat - Lev Efrat,
Hagoel Street
3,850,000 ₪
Exclusive 6.5 room, 3 bath cottage on 4 levels. 208 m² built inc basement & attic. Modern kitchen, spacious living room leading to pergola, balcony with view off master bedroom. Grea...
Garden Apartment For Sale In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel  Yona Ben Amitay , 2 Pictures
Garden Apartment For Sale, 6 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel,
Yona Ben Amitay Street
3,950,000 ₪
6 room garden duplex in small complex in RBS GIMMEL. 152 m² built. Kosher kitchen with ample cabinets space on two walls, A/C throughout, bars screens, parking. Front and rear gardens....
Farm In North - Dovev  Meshek  , 4 Pictures
Farm, 6 Rooms,
In North - Dovev,
Meshek Street
4,900,000 ₪
Active Farm for sale in Moshav Dovev Galille. Spacious house 170 sq m with additional 70 sq m rental unit below
House In Nof Ayalon  Ariel , 9 Pictures
House, 8 Rooms,
In Nof Ayalon,
Ariel Street
5,500,000 ₪
NOF AYALON - STREET LEVEL HOUSE in established Torani Leumi Moshav with shuls, schools & more. LARGE FAMILY HOUSE 270 s2 m built with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms on ground floor! Suitable for gran...
Cottage for sale In Bet Shemesh - M3  HaYarkon
Cottage for sale, 7 Rooms,
In Bet Shemesh - M3,
HaYarkon Street
3,250,000 ₪
Bran new semi attached house with basement and attic. Suitable for large or extended family as well as a home business or rental unit. Located in close proximity to Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph opposite...
Villa for sale In Neve Michael - Roglit - Villas  Part Anglo Neighborhood , 1 Pictures
Villa for sale, 16 Rooms,
In Neve Michael - Roglit - Villas,
Part Anglo Neighborhood Street
6,975,000 ₪
Villa for sale in Moshav Neve Michael aka Roglit. The main part of the house is at street level. Huge living room with 4 metre high ceiling. Many extras including freestanding wide oven, e...
House In Efrat - Teena  Teena , 4 Pictures
House, 7 Rooms,
In Efrat - Teena,
Teena Street
3,750,000 ₪
Semi Attached house for sale in Efrat with extra unit for renting or grandparents at street level. 8 room (5+3) house for sale in Efrat in very close proximity to shops. Custom kitchen, large...
Hotel In North - Western Gaililee  Beachfront , 1 Pictures
Hotel, 125 Rooms,
In North - Western Gaililee,
Beachfront Street
100,000,000 ₪
Hotel for sale in Israel on large grounds with direct beachfront access. Indoor pool & spa. Scope for redevelopment.